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Our Chiropody Services

We care for:

  • Routine Chiropody - the patient receives 1/2 hour treatment
  • Nail Disorders: thickened and curved, ingrowing fungal
  • Callousitees and corns
  • Heel fissures & Cracks to heels
  • Skin condition advice
  • Expert padding for comfort and after care
  • Nail surgery
  • Biomechanics
  • Verruccae

Nail Surgery

The procedure is called Partial Nail Avulsion and is for patients who suffer; regularly occurring septic toe nails, pain from a thickened and curved deformed nail.

The patient is run through a medical history check and their doctor may be contacted. Procedure takes 1 hour, as follows;

- Local anaesthetic administered at base of large toe
- Under sterile conditions a small wedge is surgically removed
- The nail bed is destroyed with phenol
- A large sterile dressing applied
- Returns in 3 days for dressing and advice

The operation takes 2-3 weeks to totally heal but the patient can return to work after a couple of days. Surgery is by arrangement only.


For fitting of Orthotics to shoes. This requires an initial appointment of 1 hour. Consisting: Gait analysi, a cast of plaster of paris and other fitting measurement are undertaken.

Patient type: all ages.

- Congenital - deformities
- Sports related
- Accident injuries
- Wear and tear in maturity


We have had great success over the years with all types of plantar warts.

We treat with a strong acid that cannot be purchased 'over the counter'. This is applied in controlled amounts and retained by felt padding which also makes the foot more comfortable. This must be kept dry until the next weekly 15 minute appointment. The number of treatments depends on the size and age of the verruca.

It really is less pain and less expense to seek treatment at the first sighting of a verrucca.

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